The roots of Music-Oldtimer Inc. can be traced back to 1966. As a result of more than 4 decades of experience, Music-Oldtimer is able to offer expert appraisals, sales and repair over a broad range of both, recent and historical woodwind Instruments. We have a keen understanding of the level of perfection demanded by professional woodwind players. When you ship your woodwind instrument to our shop for repair you can be assured of the highest quality workmanship. Our Master Repairman and Woodwind Specialist, his ambition of being the best woodwind repair expert on the east coast is more than fulfilled. With World famous Clients he is considered at the top of his game. We sell musical Instruments around the Globe and we have satisfied customers in over 20 countries. Our stock of musical items is one of the finest and we are proud of the instruments that we sell.

Music-Oldtimer Inc.
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